Instructions for Chicken Lose in Cockfighting S128

Instructions for Chicken Lose in Cockfighting S128

Instructions for Chicken Lose in Cockfighting S128 – Some of the articles that we will provide are articles that we summarize from trusted sources, here are some articles that discuss chicken hawks who lost in the s128 cockfighting gambling game.

There are so many fighting cock myths among those who like cockfighting. One of the myths that is always the subject of discussion is the myth when Bangkok chicken will be matched. We will explain the myths about the characteristics of fighting cocks that will lose or win a fight.
The characteristics of the fighting cock will lose or win the fight

1. Chickens Will Lose

– Always hide your head down or look down
– When going to sleep the cock doesn’t crow, it seems lazy
– Don’t want to sleep on Tangkringan
– When removed from the cage, he doesn’t want to make a sound and even crows
– In the cage does not want to stand and just sit

When lowered into the cockfighting arena he would crow like he was afraid to face his opponent. Attitude like this is what worries many fans of cockfighting. Chickens are already scared or mentally down before fighting, if they are forced to fight, they will definitely lose. Characteristics of Losing Chickens in Cockfighting
Characteristics of Losing Chickens in Cockfighting

2. The Chicken Will Win

– Before going to bed or waking up, it will crow first among other chickens
– Chickens will look very fresh and keep crowing unusually
– When sleeping, will always raise its head compared to other chickens
– When in the arena before fighting, he will look excited and aggressive, as if he knows that he will win the fight
– And the most adorable thing is the sign when it will be brought to the battle arena, it will always make a sound like a baboon rooster

Things That Look On The Field When A Chicken Is About To Lose

Will always bow as if he doesn’t want to see his opponent
Tends to hide the head behind its wings
The chicken will look left and right in fear
Chicken head seems very heavy
Sometimes the head likes to turn on its own like confused looking for its opponent

If your chicken has this sign, you should just throw a white towel to give up before the chicken is knocked out in one shot. Such is the review of the myth “Characteristics of Fighting Chickens Will Lose or Win Fight”. Hopefully useful and thank you for reading. See also ‘How to Determine the Quality of Bangkok Chicken that is Ready to Fight’.